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Curriculum Vitae


Book Chapters

“‘You Inside Me Inside You’: Singularity and Multitude in Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia,” Glocalization in Language and Literature, edited by Sandhya Rao Mehta, Springer, 2018.

“The Clowning of Richard Nixon in the Underground Press,” Protest on the Page: Essays on Print and the Culture of Dissent since 1865, edited by James L. Baughman, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, and James P. Dankey, University of Wisconsin Press, 2015.

Review Essay

“Misanthropic Humanism and the Politics of Comic Futility,” b2o: an online journal, 21 January 2016,


“Sun Dross Lust,” “Muddy Hollows,” “Evangel Scum Angel,” “Manifest Nightmare,” “Desert Cecum,” and “Down Draft Pleasure” (poems | Dreamland | 2017)

“Trudge Among the Dead” and “So Say the Beggars” (poems | Kadar Koli | 2011)

Crass Songs of Sand & Brine (chapbook, poetry | Buffalo, NY: Habenicht Press, 2010)

Selections from Crass Songs of Sand & Brine (poems | Upstairs at Duroc | 2010)

Selections from Crass Songs of Sand & Brine (poems | No Contest | 2009)

“06.18”—“08.02” (poems | Shelf Life Magazine | 2008)


“Praise & Worship” (fiction | Superficial Flesh Magazine | 2008)

Selections from The Unedited Journals of Davis John McGee (fiction | Kadar Koli | 2007)


Conference Presentations

“‘I here declare the end of the War!’: Speech Act and Spectacle in Allen Ginsberg’s Anti-War Poetry and Activism.” Forthcoming panel presentation. South Central Modern Language Association, Houston, TX, October, 2021.

“Transversal Ecology in V. S. Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival.” Panel presentation. London Center for Interdisciplinary Research, London, UK, February 2019.

“Crusader in Exile: Epideictic Rhetoric and the Transnational Civil Rights Movement.” Individual presentation. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, Missouri, March 2018.

“Queer Ecology and the Gothic Grotesque in Charles Burns’s Black Hole.” Panel presentation. Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, June 2017.

“Singularity and Multitude in Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia.” Panel presentation. Connecting the Dots in a Glocalized World, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, November 2016.

“Indo-Anglian Narratives of Domination and Resistance in the World’s Largest Democracy.” Panel presentation. Hellenic Association for the Study of English, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2015.

“Graphic Novels, Web Comics, and New Narrative Forms in the Middle East.” Panel presentation. British Society for Middle Eastern Studies/American University in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 2015.

“Playing John Wayne in Vietnam: Satire, Sabotage, and Sedition in the G.I. Underground Press.” Panel presentation. South Central Modern Language Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 2013.

“Rampaging Imaginations: William S. Burroughs and the International Avant-Garde.” Panel presentations.” Panel Presentation. South Central Modern Language Association, San Antonio, Texas, November 2012.

“The Travestying of Richard Nixon: Robert Coover’s The Public Burning and Defamation in the Underground Press.” Panel presentation. Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, September 2012.

“Melville’s Late Limited Editions: Ruptures in the Paradigm of Professional Authorship.” Panel presentation. Center for the History of the Book, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2010.

“Kathy Acker’s Deconstruction of the Female Subject in Blood and Guts in High School.” Panel presentation. Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2007.

“Pig Prohibition, Transubstantiation, and the Desecration of the Saracen Body Politic in Richard Cœur de Lion.” Panel presentation. Texas Medieval Association, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, October 2006.

“American Strategies of Containment in the Post-9/11 Era.” Individual presentation. Institute of International Relations, Panteion University of Athens, Hydra, Greece, June 2002.

Lectures and Workshops

“Salamanders, Dandelions, and the Meaning of Happiness in Fahrenheit 451.” Reading Across Campus Lecture Series. American University in Dubai, December 2019.

“Hidden Passages, Human Flows: Transnational Literature and the Global Border Regime.” The Arts & Sciences Lecture Series. American University in Dubai, December 2017.

“Writing Assessment: How to Develop Rubrics that Work and How to Use Them.” Workshop. American University in Dubai, Provost’s Faculty Development Workshop, August 2016.

“How Graphic Novels Can Help Us Read Literature in a Global Age.” Lecture. American University in Kuwait, Sigma Tau Delta/Department of English, April 2016.


Austin Community College

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of English, January 2021-present

American University in Dubai

Assistant Professor of English, School of Arts & Sciences, August 2014-December 2019

  • American Literature II
  • The Graphic Novel
  • The Epic
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Advanced Research and Composition
  • Composition and Rhetoric
  • Developmental Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • World Cultures I

Southern Methodist University

Hughes Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Department of English, August 2013-May 2014

  • American Satire from the Revolution to Occupy Wall Street
  • Experimental American Narratives
  • War Writing/Writing War
  • Writing the Environment

Teaching Assistant, Department of English, August 2009-May 2013

  • American Heroines (with Dr. Nina Schwartz)
  • Discernment and Discourse
  • Introduction to College Writing

Texas State University

Lecturer, Department of English, August 2007-May 2008

  • College Writing I
  • College Writing II

Teaching Assistant, Department of English, August 2005-May 2007

  • British Literature II (with Dr. Susan Tilka)
  • World Mythology (with Dr. Robin Cohen)
  • College Writing I
  • College Writing II

Other Relevant Positions

Creative Writing Instructor, Badgerdog Literary Publishing, Inc., 2007-2008

ESL Instructor, Carrot Korea, ESL, 2008

Intern, The Holocaust Resource Center, Stockton University, 2003