Fragments Written While Unemployed

How to explain the nothing feeling
of early morning drive to school?

Still dark in the sky
the boy takes a stand on Hawking’s particle (the elder)
and how all black holes are doomed to evaporate.

The other one — the younger — silent throughout
the arrival . . .

Sweet hugs and waves goodbye.

Old Argos
dying on a heap of dung
your nose once aflame for prey

Odysseus has returned at last
from twenty years away

Allen took a trip down South
hoping for shamans/ god-death visions
—the expansion of his mind

But found instead . . . an anteater
nosing the wall, its enclosure
—Santiago Zoo

two woodpeckers and a hawk
six turtles lazing in the sun

tacos and tap water from the market we passed along the way

I see transparent minnows
swimming against the current
and a lost pencil — ( how here? ) —
babbling down the rocks . . .

minnows don’t care
woodpeckers and hawk don’t care
turtles at rest in the sun

the elder and the younger off for more
tacos down Copperfield trail —

cold morning/ central Texas
snow now melting
a likelihood of summer
by end of day

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